Japanese cuisine for a different wedding dinner

Japanese cuisine for a different wedding dinner
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Japanese cuisine is something everyone likes to enjoy time and time again, their culture is not only interesting but intriguing as well. Some of the most well known dishes in Japan include Sushi, hibachi grilling, ramen and various flavors and varieties of fish.


Sushi is of course the first thing most people would think of when talking about Japanese cuisine. The opportune fishing and trawling available on the island make it a most popular food among the people. This raw fish combo wrapped in seaweed and topped with rice and/or caviar is something everyone in Japan enjoys on a regular basis. The most popular types of rawsushi include:

  1. Maguro nigiri- A fresh cut of tuna
  2. Ika nigiri- Squid
  3. Kappa Maki- Cucumber mix
  4. Salmon Roe- Eggs of Salmon
  5. Unagi- Broiled Eel

The great fishing opportunities and trawling practices make it easy for the Japanese people to incorporate fish into their every day diets. Sushi is among the most popular foods in Japan that is consumed almost everyday by the locals and is also very popular in American culture today as well!

sushi plate

Hibachi grilling is another popular cuisine in Japan that is making it’s way into the American culture too. Hibachi is a combination of fried rice, mixed vegetables and either chicken, steak, fish or pork fried over an open stainless steel grill and usually done in front of an audience to add to the experience. This type of cooking has long been a staple in the Japanese culture and has continued to gain popularity in recent years.salmon sushi

The last but most certainly not least of the Japanese cuisine that continues to be of great significance to the local people is ramen. Ramen are thin, dry spiral noodles that are used in various different soups, stir fry’s and even enjoyed plain. Added to some chicken or vegetable broth with a soft boiled egg and some bean sprouts, ramen makes a delicious soup. If you prefer stir fry, try adding it to some mixed vegetables, shrimp, chicken or steak and some soy sauce and you have a delicious Ramen noodle stir fry that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. So if you ever find the opportunity to take a trip to Japan, make sure you take time to enjoy the tasty cuisine!

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