The Stench in the Air

The Stench in the Air
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Industrial air pollution is an issue that is avoided quite often. Every year we make advancements in science and technology, but there is not much being done to contribute to the cleanliness of the air. There are many ways industrialization can affect the air, but for me, the most prominent one is industrial farming. I live in the state of North Carolina.

Air pollution can ruin any day!
Air pollution can ruin any day!

With this comes a major issue, pig farming. North Carolina is one of the biggest producers of pork products in the U.S. But with this comes a price terrible price. As a North Carolinian, it is known that living anywhere near a pig farm is unbearable. There is always a terrible stench in the air due to the unhealthy practices of pig farming. Near the pig farms are what we call “pig pools” that cause the air pollution. These pools are filled with:

• Feces
• Urine
• Blood
• Decomposing remains
• Puss

…and anything else that could come out of a pig.

These remains are then sprayed in the air as a mist when the pools get full. Because of this the air becomes awful. The smell is so bad it can cling to your clothes and fill your house. For me, it is not as bad because I don’t live very close to a pig farm, but it is terrible for people who live under a mile from one. Although I don’t live close to one I’ve been told by family and friends who live out of state that they can smell the stench when they come to North Carolina.

Sometimes I wonder if something could be done about this. And perhaps this is a solution:

This issue has been covered by many media news outlets but there is nothing being done about it. It is also known that the sludgy mist can cause health problems. Many of the people who live near the pig farms have asthma or other respiratory issues. These health problems are serious and render many people unable to work because of their severity.

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